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September 27, 2013
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Teen Titans classic and new by E-Ocasio Teen Titans classic and new by E-Ocasio
Made for the Scribblenauts contest.
I chose the Teen Titans both the original classic gang and the revived 1980s group as created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez.
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Purgatory367 Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013
Its odd to think that none of the original 7 members are on the New 52 Titans, although I do like the idea that they have grown in character development enough that they aren't bound to that team. Huh I kinda just went on a side ramble, i guess its just because I haven't seen the original 7 in a while, in any case its a great image and I like it, good luck in the contest
Icon-UK Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013
I think I take the opposite view, removing the Titans from their past has basically destroyed most of their character development. We now have no idea whether Dick is even any good as a leader, because there's never been a team he's led. We have no idea how anyone outside the Batclan view him, because we've never seen him interact with any non-Bat characters on any case.
Purgatory367 Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013
I have to disagree Nightwing has his own city he is watching over and he has been a big part of forever evil, plus being unmasked in public opens plenty of new stories and dimensions to his character.
Icon-UK Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013
I agree that there is future story potential in what they have just done, but based on the Nightwing we have seen in the New 52 thus far I have not been impressed with what they did.

He has no Titans career whatsoever, no Outsiders, his best friends no longer ever existed (Wally, Donna and Garth), his relationship with Starfire is unclear. We don't even know why he stopped being Batman (Up until the reboot, Bruce insisted he stay as Batman and have Damian as his Robin, then the New 52 happens and he's back as nightwing without a word, and worse yet, has handed Damian's Robin over to Bruce, a relatioship which was never remotely as interesting as the Dick/Damian one.

Geoff Johns has repeatedly gone on about how Dick is the most respected her of his generation, but the trouble is, they've wiped most of the other heroes of his generation off the map, and we've never once seen him interact with any hero of note who wasn't in the Batfamily, so where does he get that reputation from.

What with Damian's "disappearance from Gotham" just after Robin died, I'm not even certain how the powers that be can expose his ID without exposing Bruce and Tim too, at the very least.

My apologies if I sound jaded, my Blue Lantern ring is pretty much shot to hell these days!
E-Ocasio Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2013   Artist
I'd like to add that when Marv Wolfman made Dick Grayson grow and give up Robin to become Nightwing was the most stupid thing I've seen and read in comics. A more adult Robin costume would have been better.
Unlike Japanese manga and anime these characters are immortals and iconic, their stories don't have a DEFINITE beginning, middle and end as is the case of the before mentioned.
DC Comics already had a Nightwing with a partner named Flamebird in the bottled city of Kandor, who were protectors of the peace rather than superheroes. Marv Wolfman just borrowed a superhero that was already made, how original!

But since writer and artists come and go and years pass by the company, DC comics has to adjust and grow with the times and reinvent everything for the next generation of readers out there. 
I stopped buying and reading DC (and Marvel) for financial reasons in the early 1990s, also because the stories were getting too out there; without any rhyme or reason and the art was horrible.  But I do keep sponsoring and buying many of their superhero projects and merchandise outside the comic book realm, such as movies and other merchandise. Guess I've outgrown comics, but not the original concepts and characters that were created decades ago long before I was born.
Icon-UK Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013
Interesting, I have to greatly disagree, but interesting. :)

To me, Dick Grayson, thanks to everything Batman had taught him, and the independence he had gained both in going to college and in the Wolfman and Perez Titans, had reached the point where he couldn't be Robin any more, or at least not the Robin that everyone was used to, the sidekick to Batman. Whenever people saw him, they probably still tended to wonder; "If he's here, where's Batman?" when he didn't need Batman any more, and in some ways always being seen as a kid sidekick was hurting his reputation.

If Dick hadn't been Teen Titans leader and Batman hadn't taken in Jason Todd, he might well have considered revamping his Robin ID, as his Earth 2 counterpart did, but the combination of Dick reaching a point where he was a respected team leader in his own right, and Bruce having a new ward who would be much better suited to the role of Robin than Dick now was, it made sense for Dick to make the grown up decision and make a new name for himself as Nightwing. Yes there was already a Nightwing, but it was not a name known to humans (only those in the bottle city knew the name) and it was also a name that Dick deliberately chose because Batman (Who Superman was mimicking when he created the ID) and Superman himself are the two greatest heroes he knows, so he was consciously honouring them both (and you know Clark would have been fit to bust about that)

Here are the two parts of the handover as they originally happened in the 1980's (And the art is sooooo pretty!)

Telling the Titans -…

Telling Bruce and Jason -…
E-Ocasio Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2013   Artist
I still have that Teen Titans comic where he says his good-by and takes off his costume.:shocked:
I heard about the other one. Thanks for those links:)

I guess Marv Wolfman was trying to please DC and their eternal competition with Marvel, trying to make the characters more dynamic and with more depth, which is what DC get criticized a lot even today, that their heroes are too god like and no reader can identify themselves in them (idiots, this is ALL FANTASY/FICTION!). Thus he changed Dick Grayson forever.
But to me Robin will always be Dick Grayson and vise-versa.
E-Ocasio Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013   Artist
Thank you for your comment.:aww:
The original team was always my favorite. I still have many comics from the 70s, and 80s of the second team. 

I haven't read DC Comics since the early 90s. I know of the New52 because of the devoted fans here. I think they made changes to boost sales and reinvent the characters for a new generation of readers. I don't agree with such drastic changes, but if it works for them as a company so be it.
MadFacedkid Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2013
Love these guy's. Great picture.
E-Ocasio Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2013   Artist
Thank you for your comment, much appreciated. :aww:
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